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An excellent risk free screening. Thermography is a comfortable and non-invasive way to monitor health and see early indications on a number of conditions. Terri and Lisa are professional, friendly and helpful and I will definitely add thermographic imaging to my routine healthcare check-ups




How Does It Work

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Is it safe

Yes, thermography uses no radiation, compression and no contact to achieve its images.

Is Thermal Imaging a replacement for Mammograms?
No, the two complement each other. Thermal imaging can detect the potential presence of a tumor years before a mammogram can see it.
Is Thermography an approved procedure?
Yes, Thermography has been approved by the FDA since 1982.
What Exactly Is Thermal Imaging
Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging, or DITI, detects heat to measure the physiological activity in your body. This clinical test is supported by 30 years of research and over 8000 published medical studies.
Why have I not heard about this before?
Although used widely throughout America and some parts of Europe, DITI is relatively new to the UK, with only approximately 20 clinics operating throughout the country.
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Case Studies

Since Thermal Imaging was introduced in 1982, there have been over 8,000 studies published. Read some of our recent case studies

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