Lisa’s Detox : Week 3

Monday :

The weekend was pretty uneventful

It really helps not making plans and just seeing how each day pans out.

I weighed myself today. I HAVE LOST 6 POUNDS! Yes, 6 whole pounds already! And I haven’t even started exercising seriously yet. I am so chuffed about this, and I feel so much better – more vibrant and clearer – plus my new sleeping regime is also going well. Instead of staying up late and watching TV, I’ve been going to bed and reading.

My latest books are ‘Death On A Fork’ and ‘The Detox Kitchen Bible’ – you can find them both on Amazon. I also like reading some great fiction for about an hour and then its lights out. I have been getting up earlier than usual too – but I found that when I went to Juicy camp for our detox week, I needed less sleep and even had more energy. If you fill your body with the right fuel it will definitely work so much more efficiently!

My regime for the week is as follows: hot water and lemon first thing, then a juice for breakfast, another mid morning and either a soup or a salad for lunch. I will have another juice mid afternoon, then a proper meal in the evening – lots of vegetables with some kind of protein.

My juicer is really working overtime, and I think I’ll look at getting another one – for those of you who are new to juicing and want to get a juicer, one of the most important things to think about is time. Cold pressed juicers will extract more from your fruit and vegetables but it can take a lot longer than a centrifugal juicer and you need to factor in cleaning the machine as well. I’ve been through a couple of juicers now, and I’m currently using the Vita Juicer, but I’m looking at this one:


‘Which’ magazine have a good guide to the best juicers out there. Follow the link!

I’ve also got a Nutribullet which is great for making smoothies and is small and easy to use.


Tuesday :

‘You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces. Just good food from fresh ingredients’

– Julia Child, Chef.

I have definitely become more organized with my kitchen and fridge; it can really help with keeping you on track and reaching your goal. My goal is to lose another 14 pounds if I can, which would take me back to the weight I was used to being, and also means that I’ll be able to fit into the clothes that have been staring at me from the back of my wardrobe again!

So, get rid of the junk and get organised – don’t allow yourself to keep anything ‘in case of emergencies’. We’ve all come home from a lousy or long day feeling tired and hungry and opened the fridge to get out those convenient, nutrient-lacking foods which is the easy option. Why not make some changes to the contents of your fridge? I can’t clear the fridge out completely – that wouldn’t be fair on my husband as he isn’t doing this detox with me! BUT I can make some healthier changes – for example milk for KoKo milk which is a coconut alternative; swap yoghurts for coconut milk yoghurts; take out the ham and replace it with turkey or chicken breast slices.

Whilst I’ve been trying to cut out sugar, sometimes something sweet is needed and I’ve turned to natural sugars found in all fruit (and some vegetables), and honey or spices. For example you can try fruit juice – the juice of an apple or pear can be used to add sweetness; raw honey – which hasn’t been heated, pasteurized or processed, is the best choice to retain natural flavour. I’ve also found that rice or date syrup is great to use in cooking, especially for baking.

I’ve starting making my own soups and keeping containers of them in the freezer; its really handy for when you don’t have anything else available, particularly if you live on your own for half the week (like I do) a big pot of soup will not go to waste!


Snacks: why not try cucumber and carrot sticks with hummus, apple slices or celery with almond butter, a handful of nuts instead of biscuits, crisps or a chocolate bar?


Wednesday/Thursday/Friday : 

Now that I’m well into my detox month……

I’ve found that my taste buds are changing and I’m eating more savoury rather than sweet food. It’s really interesting how you can taste the sweetness in a carrot or a beetroot and particularly a banana can give me a real boost.

I wanted to talk about other things I’ve been doing as part of my detox, I’ve only been using natural products (or as natural as possible) on my face, body and hair – and with the exception of the wedding party I went to at the start of the month, I’ve not been wearing any make up at all. People have started to comment on how glowing my complexion is and how healthy I’m looking, which is always lovely to hear. My skin is not feeling as dry as it did, and my nails are looking really shiny. It’s quite amazing how your body can rejuvenate itself when it’s fed properly!


Your blood pH is a good measure of how alkaline or acidic your system is, which is determined by how acidic or alkaline the foods you eat are – combined with other factors, such as stress. If your pH levels are low you are acidic, and this can adversely affect your health at a cellular level, making you susceptible to  fatigue and candida to name but two. Most dramatically, it can cause an increase in free radicals, which can damage cells and is one of the many contributory factors in developing chronic disease. Your body works hard to stay in an alkaline state, also known as homeostasis, and if you are too acidic your body will start robbing alkaline minerals from places that need them, for example your teeth, tissues and bones.

The best way to obtain alkaline is to eat and drink alkaline foods; most vegetables – especially greens like lettuce, spinach, kale and spring greens; fruits; chlorophyll which is found in green vegetables is a powerful phytochemical which has a very alkalizing effect on the body. I try to have at least one green juice a day, and include at least the major ‘three’ – spinach, kale and lettuce.


Drinking warm water with lemon is also a great way to alkalize and there are so many benefits from doing this one simple thing – take a look at this article:

My walks with the dog are getting longer as I’m taking advantage of the lovely October weather – and I’ve started getting into my yoga DVD’s, not as much as I would like to right now, but I will definitely start making the time.

My family is arriving this weekend, and that’s going to be my first big challenge – especially cooking for them and my five year old niece! I promise I’ll let you know how I get on after the weekend.


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