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Nauty TerriIf you’re a client of ours at Thermalogica, you’ll have noticed we’ve been banging on about the importance of regular screening – preferably annually.  Well, the past year or so has been pretty busy for me – the twins are nearly 6 months old!

Recently I’ve been having a ‘not quite right’ feeling in my breasts so before our clients came in for the day I stripped off for a scan.  Lisa brought up my previous scans for us to have a look and we realised my last scan was in 2014!  Naughty Terri.
I did have a small excuse of being pregnant though and we don’t scan pregnant women as even though our scans are completely safe, we don’t get a reliable reading due to the hormones affecting the breast tissue.

The results came back from our doctors in America and, as suspected, there had been some change from the 2014 scan and another scan in 3 months has been recommended just to check.  Clinical correlation was also suggested.  This basically means going to your doctor and asking for a mammogram or ultrasound.  As I know I have dense breast tissue (making a mammogram ineffective for me) and I don’t want any radiation, I would normally have asked for an ultrasound.  But I’d had one of those a few months ago when I was pregnant as part of my annual screening so I thought I’d opt for an MRI especially as I was coming up for my 5 years since diagnosis.  Reassuringly this was clear.




Now given my history of breast cancer you would think I’d still be worried about the change in the thermal image, or even tempted to ignore it due to the clear MRI.  Well this is the beauty of thermography.  It can see changes in breast tissue which MIGHT lead to problems 5-10 years before anything might show up on a mammogram, MRI or ultrasound so while a clear structural scan is reassuring, it doesn’t rule out that something could be going on.  This gives us women adding thermography to our breast screening a huge advantage.  We can monitor what’s going on and act accordingly.

So many women say they don’t want a scan because they’re scared of the results. That’s understandable if there’s nothing you can do, but it’s incredibly empowering when you can do something about it and gives you a great sense of being in control of your own destiny.

So, as our doctors recommended, I’ll be having a further thermogram and if there is change again I can take action.  So watch this space and I’ll let you know what happens.
Note: when ladies first come to see us for a breast scan we take 2 sets of images 3 months apart to monitor if there is any change.  If both sets are the same we then just recommend annual (or as often as you wish) scans – when you return annually you only need one scan as it is compared with the one the year before.  You can then start to build a really good picture of your breast health over time.  Annual scans only cost £125 and we’re now offering a £10 a month payment plan to make it that much easier.

If you’re already one of our lovely clients don’t be naughty like me and leave it too long – give us a call on 01392 330565 and keep an eye out for your invitation to our 3rd birthday party – a client only exclusive event with some spectacular goody bags we’re having great fun working on at the moment.

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