Thermograms are popular with athletes and professional sports people as they can be used to locate an as yet undetected injury or trauma site. The accuracy of the thermograms allow a physiotherapist or acupuncturist to pinpoint, monitor, evaluate and treat the problem.

Thermograms also allow the therapist or health practitioner to accurately assess the healing period of a treated problem, allowing optimal recovery periods and speedy return to competition.

As our equipment is portable, we are able to travel to sports training grounds around the country to work with the professional team.

Case study:

A young footballer presented for a thermogram with a very painful knee injury. The thermogram was able to pinpoint the exact site of the pain, and as a result the patient was diagnosed with a medial hamstring muscle strain in the left knee.

Patient was treated for one week. Further checks monitored the treatment progress and showed significant signs of improvement.

As a result, the patient was able to fly to USA for a football tournament.

Monitoring the effects of Acupuncture – images taken at 5 minute intervals
A painful ankle injury can be monitored throughout treatment and rehabilitation











Thermograms are very popular with parents who want a safer screening procedure without radiation exposure for their children.

The child is scanned in a warm secure environment with our qualified thermographer and parents present.

There is no physical contact with the child and older children are often fascinated when shown their thermogram at the end of the procedure.

Thermal Imaging is the perfect procedure for children who have unexplained pain along with people of all age groups with disabilities who may not be able to communicate their symptoms.


Case Study:


11 year old girl with left foot injury. Parents did not want to subject their daughter to radiation from x-ray and chose thermography as a safer option. Medical report showed a hairline fracture to 2nd metatarsal in left foot. Patient was treated for 1 week and returned for 2nd thermogram. Left foot showed major improvement & patient was able to perform in her dancing show that weekend.



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